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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ABQ gas station goes green: a garden in an unusual place

A gas station manager has brought his love of gardening to work with him. It all started when Muhammad Molai, gas station manager for the Ram gas station on Central and Wyoming, decided to deter people from loitering and vandalizing the pay phone in front of the gas station. Muhammad and his son, Khabbab installed large, wooden, flower boxes around the gas station booth and planted Snapdragons and other native grasses a month ago. After the planted was finished the boxes were painted red to match the gas station.

"I love gardening but I don't have the time to do it at home. You see me here all the time," laughed Muhammad.

The Molai's have also planted several Russian Sage bushes along the front corner of the gas station. He plans to plant more flowers and bushes in the future.

"The flowers make (the station) look more clean and green," explains Muhammad.

Muhammad is funding the "green" project himself, with his own money for the benefit of the gas station.

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