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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A burst of alpine color

Gene and Barbara Decker are onto something good. A kaleidoscopic of yellows, purples, and pinks adorn a small, triangular shaped patch in their front yard. It looks as if the Decker's have painstakingly planted daisies, tea roses, larkspur, chrysanthemum, and asters to imitate an mini Alpine meadow. However, Barbara Decker makes the planting of the posies sound easy.

"I planted the larkspur a long time ago. They just come up where they want to (after) I shake the seeds out (of dried flowers)," she explains.

Not only is the Decker's garden appealing to the eye it's also appealing to the water department.

"We try no to water more than two or three times per week," says Gene Decker.

The right center of the front yard is planted in Fescue grass, which is drought tolerant, easy to seed and thrives in cooler climates.

Next.....a flower garden where you least expect it.

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