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Monday, May 30, 2011

Not so snappy Snap Dragons

The last four days have taken a beating on my newly transplanted Snap Dragons. I've been consistently watering them in the morning with a watering hose that has a "mist" option on the dial of the multi-powered sprayer. I've also placed a generous amount of bark chips around the base of the flower stems. I've been told by master gardeners that bark chips and mulch helps retain moister on hot, dry days. My biggest fear is that these flowers won't make it because they were grown somewhere else. Yes, my husband is the culprit! He purchased the Snap Dragons and ground covering from a big chain gardening store.

On the snappy side! My Borage, and Marigold seeds, which I planted directly into the ground, are doing great. I hope that all of my flowers do well over the course of this soon to be hot, dry New Mexican summer. But if the Snap Dragons can't take the heat I have no choice but to pull them up and replace them with something else.

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