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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My little green babies

I have approximately fifty or more new, little green additions to my family! I've just posted pictures of Hatch Chile  seedlings, head leaf lettuce, beets, and radishes. I started my seedlings a little bit late in the season so they aren't quite ready to be placed outside but in a few weeks they will be transplanted into a fenced garden plot with plenty of sunlight and well amended soil!

I almost gave up on the Hatch chile's! It took forever for them to germinate. But after patiently watering them for six weeks while reciting numerous positive affirmations two pairs of long deep green leaves sprung from the ground. I may have to thin out the head lettuce because some of the seedlings are looking a little spindly but other than that everything else looks pretty healthy.

The seedlings should be ready to transplant when they develop a true set of leaves and or a third or fourth leaf. A true set of leaves would be leaves that have veins. My tomato seedlings have true leaves with veins and a third leaf or shoot sprouting from the center of the plant but they are still too small to transplant outside. I'm also planning to start some heirloom tomato seedlings. According to some recent information that I've gleamed from a  supplier of organic seeds, heirloom tomatoes do best if sewn sparingly in three inch pots. Tweezers definitely come in handy for plants with small seeds such as, tomatoes, turnips, and basil!

Please note that I'm not a gardening expert merely a person who has a passion for good homegrown food. Feel free to check out my reading list for more information on gardening and visit your local library.

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